I was watching news the other night and the reporter was talking about the recent tornadoes that swept through the south causing widespread damage and a few fatalities. Witnesses were being interviewed as the sun rose and the destruction was revealed. An older woman was talking to the reporter about all that was gone. In her case, it was everything. The entire house had been swept away. She was distraught, as anyone would be, but instead of weeping over a house that was gone she was lamenting thqt6a3138e loss of her children’s wedding portraits and a grandchild’s senior photo. You could tell that’s where her heart was, it’s where her treasure laid – over pictures gone.

Her interview really struck me because if those images had only ever been on a disc or her computer, odds are she wouldn’t have remembered them. She wouldn’t have spent everyday looking at them on her wall, enjoying the feeling you get when you remember those joyous and momentous times. She put her treasures up on her wall, and after all that was gone that was the one thing causing her so much distress.
I have thousands of pictures on my computer. Most of them are of my kids, quite a few are for my business and others are general photos of whatever might have intrigued me at one point. My honeymoon photos are on a disc in the drawer next to me. I haven’t looked at them since that trip nearly 9 years ago now. I think about it, but I never really bring myself to do it, mostly because I get busy with day-to-day tasks and my “extra” time is filled up with each kid playing 20 Questions about why the world is what it is and 20 Demands that apparently only mommy can do, like getting them a cup of water. My son is 7 – he’s perfectly capable. But if one wants a drink then the other two do as well. You get where I am going with this. Alas, the reminiscing of those precious memories must wait. I like to curl up on the couch and flip through an old album, so the idea of coming back to computer and sitting in this chair just doesn’t always appeal to me.


Every morning I come downstairs to a pot of coffee (sometimes I might as well drink straight from the pot) and I sit in the sofa-chairs that are in my studio. It’s a cozy room. I might read, study or listen to the news in the background, but mostly I drink my coffee. Black. I don’t have time for sugar. I must get that hot, black gold in me! And while I sit there I often glance up at the three portraits I have hanging on my wall. I just got them this past fall. They are of my kids, me and my husband, and our whole family. And I love looking at their expressions every single time. The images don’t get old. I imagine others times when they’ve had the same smiles or laughs, and I daydream about what our family portrait might look like at the end of this year as we anticipate adoption through the foster system. Will we have a new child by Christmas that we get to celebrate with? Will they even be officially adopted so we can take family photos again? Photos that I can show off to the world – this is my family!


Which brings me to my point – have you ever thought about why you don’t have your images printed and up on your wall? Or in an album that you can flip through while sitting on the couch with your cream-laced coffee? For me, it’s not a matter of why should you get the print, but a matter of why wouldn’t you? The next thing you know it’ll be nine years later and you haven’t pulled out that old disc or USB to simply reminisce. In fact, there may not longer be a USB port on computers in nine years. Babies, toddlers and then teens take over your “free time,” and any little moments you do get are spent sitting in a quiet space, by yourself (if you can) and will only enjoy those images they are right there for you to see. When the storms of life come, whether it be cancer, accidents or perhaps an actual storm, the only thing you will have left are those moments frozen in time, preserved for your mind and still warming your heart.qt6a3476

Preparing for your Newborn Session

dsc_0182-copy  Preparing for your baby’s photo session can seem intimidating, but let me assure you, it does not have to be! In fact, the best part if that you show up at my studio, sit back and watch as your baby makes sweet faces. The only thing you really need to do is bring their food source when the need to feed arises. If you are nursing you may want to bring your water bottle. I have water, but I know how thirsty breastfeeding can make you feel. I always have extra diapers, wipes, a Boppy pillow, La Croix (if you’re tired of water), and pacifiers on hand (if you use them).

The number one question I get asked when it comes to newborn sessions is “should I bring my own props?” And my answer to that is if you have anything special you’d like to incorporate then please bring it, like the quilt grandma made, or the Broncos beanie Aunt Jo bought you. Raiders and Chiefs gear may incur an extra charge (just kidding of course. Or am I?) Outfits aren’t usually the best since most “newborn” outfits don’t fit properly and it makes posing a challenge if you want to see what’s on the front of the onesie. However, I won’t turn the outfit away if you truly want it in the photographs. Just know that it may result in an image that doesn’t always align with my style. It’s your session, so please feel free to bring anything you would like to see photographed! dsc_0113-copy

Speaking of style, I provide all the props necessary for your session. I have quite a few backdrops, wraps, headbands and hats. I offer a few different looks with a wooden background or some baskets, and even a big bird’s nest. The style I offer is clean, simple, and posed. I enjoy neutral and jewel tones as I feel like they compliment many different skin tones, and I can deliver a variety of images using these simple colors. dsc_0130-copy

So what can you do to prepare? Not much really. I do send out a prep packet with information on how to encourage your baby to be sleepy during the session time. In that packet are tips and tricks that can help ensure that your baby sleeps through all the positions and all the handling that takes place. And if they decide to be awake, that’s okay too! After all, babies are going to do what babies do – their thing. I also give ideas on how the parents and siblings can dress so that your images match the colors I offer. When in doubt neutral, solid colors will always work best.

So, please feel free to let me do the worrying and “heavy” lifting. Sit back, relax and enjoy your baby’s first modeling gig! I promise you will love your images! dsc_0052-copy


My husband grew up on the Jersey Shore. I had never been to that part of the country until we met and we started visiting his parents a couple times a year. The first time I went was in the fall of 2006. It was a colder, foggy visit. He took me out to the inlet where the humid breeze passed through my scarf and I wished I had a hot cup of coffee in my hands. You could hear the waves but you couldn’t see them. The fog horn would blow from time to time revealing that ships were near.


My mom, her older sister and my grandma. My middle child looks just like her!

Afterward we ventured back to his home where I was greeted with warm air and sweet smells. My mother-in-law is a very good hostess. Walking through the hallways I was caught up by all the family photos. First, enjoying a giggle as I saw what my husband looked like as a kid. Short shorts, long socks and his metal lunch box – awesome. Then I was able to see how he and his two brothers grew into young men. Each developing their own distinguished style and smile, until I came to the photos that looked like they do today. Next were the older generations, the traditional pose in a chair, no smiles, sepia-toned images indicating these people were from an entirely different time in history. You can see the culture in their clothes and hair styles. These are my husbands ancestors, his lineage, his family. I didn’t know them, but I was thankful to them. I was thankful that I had my husband and that I had been welcomed into this family. It was fun looking at them trying to decide where his physical traits might come from, and which family members were they? I already felt connected to a time in which I never got to participate. Connection. Those photos created in me, a girl from Colorado, a sense of belonging to a new set of great-great-grandparents that may have never made it out West. These are pictures that were handed down to the next generation, protected and now prized. These pictures are priceless.

The Heimans are Moving to Texas

So this sweet family has their eyes set on Texas and before leaving Colorado they wanted one more family session. We went to St. Vrain State Park and had a good time, and thankfully finished up right as the dark cloud blew over. Apparently this storm system led to much flooding and tornados just a couple hours later. I’m also glad the thunder came right as we were leaving. Nothing kills a photo shoot like a few strikes of lightning! DSC_2276 copy DSC_2385 copy DSC_2396 copy DSC_2409 copy DSC_2435 copy DSC_2457 copyI love this family and I am going to miss them tremendously! Texas doesn’t know how great they have it!

It’s Twins for this Mamma!

DSC_1753 copyThis mamma is having a boy…x2! Due in the next 4-6 weeks, she is expecting baby boy 2 and 3 into her family! I’m so excited, I can’t wait to see these two little men and take their pictures! Isn’t she so cute? Stay tuned for her precious little boys to be featured soon!  DSC_1778 copy DSC_1816 copy DSC_1855 copy DSC_1863 DSC_1897 copy DSC_1905 DSC_1919 copy DSC_1939 copy 2

It’s a Boy for the Prejeans!

DSC_1702This mamma is expecting baby #3, and after two girls, this one is a boy! His big sisters are excited to have a baby in the house, and for it to be a boy (well, at their age I’m sure they don’t realize just how stinky boys can be)!

Hopefully soon this sweet boy’s face will be up on the website, as he is due any time now! So stay tuned… DSC_1622 DSC_1559 DSC_1512 DSC_1443 DSC_1359

Wilder – Newborn Session


This boy….oh how cute he was!  Remember Amanda’s latest baby bump session? Well, this is what was inside! Baby Wilder was born Jan 8 after mamma labored for over 24 hours. And he loves to stretch out – trying to plop him down for those cute and classic newborn poses was not allowed. He told us so! DSC_0261 DSC_0401 DSC_0407 DSC_0440 DSC_0487 DSC_0524 DSC_0559 DSC_0637 DSC_0641

My Niece

Yes folks, I’m an Aunt! This is truly a sweet moment for me as I wondered when my kids would have cousins, and I get to be an Aunt. My brother-in-law got married last summer and now their little girl is nearly a month old. I had to wait to meet her since I originally had a cold, but then I had my moment to take a few pics before Christmas. And I’m happy to show her off!



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Baby Brother is Born

Remember the Jackson family? I did their family and maternity photos a couple months back, and now baby G is here! He has a loving big sister and two happy parents – and they should be, he truly is super adorable. Here’s a few snaps of his day!

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